Steele Farm

A little human powered farm located atop the Allegrippis Ridge in Huntingdon PA growing veggies, herbs and flowers.

It's beautiful here!

This is a working farm that has many beautiful places to gather. The century old American Chestnut bank barn and surrounding grounds can flexibly serve as event space for your private gathering.

Previous home of: The Garden Harvest. The little blue and green trailer that was open seasonally to serve you all the fresh food coming off the lands. We now work coopertively with the very same flavor master, Anthia DiSalvo, to cater any event you'd like to host on the farm. Minimums required. Please email with any private party requests.

Grown with Love

We proudly support other local producers and source all our ingredients from as close as possible from real people who also have a passion for growing nutrient dense food for their community. Using organic practices, all our veggies, herbs and fruits are grown with lots of love! We have seasonal produce and products made by local artisans. New items added seasonally.

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Our Focus

Regenative Practices

We use a combination of farming knowledge including no till practices, an integrated organic pest management approach, companion or inter-planting and permanent bed systems planted rotationally. We use only organic ammendments with the intention of building healthier soil for future generations.

Conservation Centered

Water is life. The micro climate at Steele Farm is extremely dry. Smart irrigation and rain water re-use are major pieces of the overall water plan on the farm.

Feeding Families

We started growing food because we wanted clean food to feed our family. To be sure of the sources and inputs, we continue to learn about the best ways to grow the most nutrient dense food possible./p>

Join us on the farm!

We're working the schedule for the 2023 season. We will be offering land based natural workshops series, Harvest Dinners and private music events! Ticket sales will open soon. If you'd like to be the first to know, sign up for our email list here.

Stay in the know!